The White Phantom

The White PhantomSynopsis

Ten years have passed since Arthur’s Empire of Albion died with him at Camlann. But before the last battle he entrusted the symbol of sovereignty, the chalice he brought back from the Western Isles, to Gwenhwyvar his Queen — for Llacheu, his son and heir, had died many years before at the hands of his father’s closest friend.

During these ten years the original guardians of the chalice, the Clan Menestyr, have sought to discover its whereabouts. So too have the ambitious Princes of Britain, the lesser men who see themselves as Arthur’s successors.

Gwenhwyvar vanished after Arthur’s death. Two people hold the clue to her present whereabouts: the warrior Nai, and the last of Arthur’s Companions, Bedwyr.

Nai has sworn to protect Gwenhwyvar from her foes. But first he must find her, and in order to find her he must stay alive as her enemies hunt him across a winter landscape.

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5.0 out of 5 stars, Excellent Arthurian novel. 30 Nov 2007, by Unbiased Reviewer (UK)

‘One of the best novels I have read about the Arthurian period and even better than any of the Bernard Cornwell Arthurian books. The White Phantom is also even better than the previous book in the Patrick McCormack series (Albion). The book is hard to put down and is gripping right up until the very last page. His style of writing is less brutal than Cornwell and is less predictable. Just like Cornwell he describes life in the Dark Age period very well and his characters are very strong. I dont understand why his books aren’t so well publicised.’

5.0 out of 5 stars, Even better than its predecessor. 28 Dec 2001, by A Customer

‘This one is even better than the Last Companion. The first book had a broad canvas: this one has fewer characters and a tighter focus. The sense of a world with a past of its own is as strong as ever, and the characters are real people with real joys and sorrows. I found it incredibly exciting, so much so that I couldn’t put it down!’