The Lame Dancer

The Lame DancerSynopsis
Arthur is gone, and his Empire of Albion has dissolved into hostile minor states.

For the ten years since his death, Gwenhwyvar his Queen has lived in hiding for fear of being used to give validity to a usurper’s claims. Now the warrior Nai and the last of Arthur’s Companions, Bedwyr, have found her.

Together they must retrieve the symbol of sovereignty, the chalice once owned by Arthur, from its place of concealment and use its powers to bring about a rebirth of Britain and Albion.

But in finding Gwenhwyvar they have brought her enemies down upon her. Without help they are not strong enough to protect her, and yet the only place to seek allies is among those who have no reason to love Bedwyr. Their quest will reunite old friends and foes as the forces that shaped Arthur’s Empire move to a final confrontation to decide the fate of Albion.
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