Tales Told Chiefly by a Unicorn

Tales Told Chiefly by a UnicornSynopsis
In a small Devon village stands what appears from the outside to be a rather ordinary house. In this rather ordinary house lives a man called Kit, who has broken his leg and is bored by his convalescence.

But the house straddles more than one world, and Kit has a friend, Hilarion, who is a unicorn. While Kit waits for his leg to heal, Hilarion tells him stories: stories of dragons and princesses, of a city of mages at the edge of the world, of a lonely wizard in a tower, of a city under siege and what a goddess wrought there, and of an aging hero wrestling Death himself.

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‘Charming and eloquently told’ Headline
‘Beautifully written’ Legend Books
‘A highly original and in many ways delightful book’ Hodder & Stoughton

Cover illustration based on an original sculpture by Wendy Froud.